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What will you do?

There has been an awakening within me. It wasn't sudden - no. I liken it to waking from a long sleep. It all began with opening my eyes. It took some time for my brain to acknowledge that I was awake. There was a part of me that wanted to go back to sleep. But then I asked myself, how long have I been asleep? It was not easy to shake off that feeling of being tired because I shouldn't have felt tired. Admittedly, it was a process. Eventually, I managed to embrace it. All that to say; I'm awake now. I have greater clarity.

There were many things that led me here; to list them all would be too much. But one of the main catalysts was the virus. Whatever your take, it did free up time for me and many people. I made a series of decisions on what to do with this newfound time. One was to read more, gain knowledge, and re-dedicate myself to the podcast. The podcast then became a way for us to share our journey with the listeners. The more committed and consistent I was, the more impactful my actions. Slowly and with abundant clarity, I knew where I was failing to make a connection.

It's one thing to read a book and become educated on a given topic or to watch a video and be inspired. Doing something with that knowledge is what compelled me to act. Using that inspiration to inspire others was the greater calling. I invested time and money into learning but I wasn't using that knowledge to help others or even myself really. It all became inconsequential.

What I now know is that knowledge without purpose is immaterial. Purpose without drive is futile. And drive without self-discipline puts us on the road to nowhere.

I now encourage my family and friends to learn new things - daily. Be emboldened to take action with what you learn. Be authentic and share your journey. Give adequate time and attention to the trifecta of best self; Mind, Body, and Soul. There is where you will find the right perspective and courage, and with God's help, be on your way to becoming who you were born to be. As for me, I have made a commitment to use whatever knowledge I have to help others. I strive to be the inspiration that inspires others to do better.

In summary; when we help others, we help ourselves. When we inspire others, we become inspired.


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