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I hate that am scared, I hate that I have been scared, but I love that I learned to be courageous. To be honest, for a very long time, I was scared to even try and go after any audacious goal that required me to operate at a higher level.

What was I scared of. I don’t really know. Maybe deep down inside I was insecure and as a result I just assumed I would fail so I wouldn’t even bother to try.

I’m not going to make an assumption that you have acted in the same way but I will let you know that if you are scared to fail there is nothing wrong with that. The problem is when you let that fear keep you from trying, when you let that fear take over and destroy your confidence, or when you let that fear stop you from entering your next chapter in life.

I think that if you‘re consistent and deliberate with your actions, you will get passed fear and eventually figure things out. I also think that we’re all capable of achieving more than we can imagine but only if we have the courage to try.

I wonder what you think. Whatever your thoughts are I hope they influence you to pursue your wildest dreams.

Yours truly,


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